TCZ Coins - Link the Ink - Week 11


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Hello all Coin Hunters on TCZ!

Looking for Coin? Up for a challenge? Well, have we got the ticket for you :)

Each week I will post a close up of an autograph off of a card. It can be from any sport (including UFC/MMA), and it will be all our fine members job, to guess which athlete put pen to card (or sticker).. In other words, the challenge is to Link the Ink ;)

Each contest will run for a week, and after said week, all correct answers will get a trip to and who ever is on top after 3 clicks wins a TCZ Coin!

Please send me a PM marked "Link the Ink week 11" and the name of the athlete, and only the name, you think it is. Please, do NOT post your guess in the thread!
I wonder if this weeks Ink will garner more PM's with guesses, than last week?.. 2 was a bit low :p

Maybe I'll drop a clue about halfway.. then again, I might not mwuahahahaha! :D
Just so you know, Mark, all of the coins from the past Link the Ink contests have finally been deposited. :D
Ok.. guys.. so far, 1, yes 1! guess... c'mon now! :p

Clue time.. Former #1 pick, was on ice for a long time..

C'mon with the guesses! :D
Well.. I guess I stumped you guys.. 1 guess.. one wrong guess, and that was it.. even when I gave a clue, no takers :p


Eric Lindros



Congrats to.. No one! :LOL:

Hope week 12 will be easier on you guys :D
I looked at the list of #1 picks to try to find someone it could possibly be. When I got to Lindros I said 'No way'. :eek:hmy:

Looks like '?? Anthony'.

Usually when you get the answer it snaps, and look at the auto and can see the name. Not this time. Even knowing the name doesn't help me see it. LOL