TCZ Coins: Hide and Seek


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To further introduce the new TCZ Coins, I will be randomly placing the following coin icon in some posts around the site over the next week or so. I won't say when I post the coins, or give any hints as to where they are. They will be placed at random times, in random places, and they might not stay there all day long.

The first member to post, in this thread, with the forum thread that contains a coin will have that coin added to their total.

Here is what the coin will look like:

Damn Mike, ideas like this will make TCZ the GREATEST SITE IN HISTORY! Ok maybe not, but things are looking good. (y)
Yes sir, franklinguy52, I'll get those coins added to your coin total. Everyone else, be on the lookout. You never know when a coin might pop up. ;)
The next person to post in this thread will get an extra coin added to their count. ;)