TCG Freebies: Thanks Brent (jerryjerry) and Joey V!


Bench Warmer


Lot of text this time, so cliff notes available upon request. Much to my surprise, got these all free in the mail. Joey V sent me the finest refractors, as well as a stack of 49ers stuff. The other 2 autos are free from a BMB member who I can't seem to recruit over here. Might have to go the USC route and just pay him off to sign on. Finally, was truly shocked to see the freebies Brent added to our deal from a week or so ago. Specifically, he sent me one of the red refractors from his Vernon Davis Chrome project, #'d 4/5. Was probably the last thing I'd expect to find for free, seeing how hard he's worked on completing that set. Thanks again to both of you. :salut: :salut: Details below:

-Vernon Davis 06 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor /5
-Tim Lincecum 07 Bowman Chrome Base RC
-Chris Henry 07 Finest Base Auto
-Chris Henry 07 Finest Green refractor
-Chris Henry 07 Finest Refractor
-Chris Henry 07 Topps Chrome Base Auto

Thanks for stopping in. :cool: