super awesome T-Cal mailday



Sure, the guy is out of the NFL already, but he's a fellow Blue Raider who also played for the hometown team (my current one anyway, if not my original one... Seattle), so Tyrone Calico will probably always be my #1 collecting priority.

So apparently this guy on the bay is dumping his entire Calico collection. All these came from the same seller, who cut me a break on shipping so this whole lot only cost 46 bucks delievered (you've got to love a seller who cuts you a break on "50 cents each additional item" shipping). I've got another ten cards coming from him next week (he cut me a break on the shipping for them as well... 10 more auto's and jerseys for 15 bucks).

The haul...


04 Leaf Certified Materials White 66/250, Red 57/150, Blue 12/50
04 Reflections x2, Holofoil 7/85


04 UD Diamand Collections Future Gems x3
04 LCM Certified Material 2/150, Infinite Material 5/75, Infinite Prime 21/25
03 LCM Freshman Fabric 752/1250 and 944/1250


03 Sweet Spot Rookie Gallery 61/300
03 Bowman Future Relic 191/199
05 Throwback Threads Jerseys Prime 19/25 2-color
03 SP Signature Auto Green 39/50


03 Bowmans Best RC jersey, Blue jersy #390/499
03 Absolute Memorabilia 376/750 and 232/750
03 UD Finite Jersey
04 Prestige Turning Pro 182/225
03 LCM Freshman Fabric Mirror Red Jersey/Ball 81/150
03 SP Authentic Threads


03 UD Rookie Futures Gold 52/99
03 R&S Jersey 102/550
03 Topps Pristine
03 Bowman Paydirt Previews pylon
03 Topps Collegiate Prep Patch 19/75
03 Honors Alma Mater Materials
03 SP Sign Of The Times
03 SP Authentic Threads dual jersey w/ Steve McNair


03 Topps All American Fabric Of America
You would think the titans could use him :D Great pickups!!!!!!

I resigned myself that he was never gonna be great, but I'm shocked that with his size and speed that no one gave him a look after the Titans let him go. I guess one of the problems was he didnt place special teams, and if you're going to be a 4th of 5th receiver, you've kinda got to to earn a roster spot.