Sports Card Releases - Week of May 5, 2013


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May 8

2013 Bowman Baseball

12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

  • Look for One Autograph Card Per Box!!
  • Bowman continues to feature Chrome and Base Prospect and Rookie cards, along with unique autographs, relics, and inserts.
  • This year is the 65th anniversary of Bowman, and Topps will celebrate throughout the season with a Blue Sapphire Refractor program.
  • Key Rookie Cards: Manny Machado, Dylan Bundy, Jurickson Profar, Shelby Miller, Mike Olt, Avisail Garcia, Adam Eaton, Jake Odorizzi, Tyler Skaggs, Casey Kelly, Trevor Rosenthal, L.J. Hoes, Darin Ruf, Brock Holt.
  • Bowman's Top 100 Prospects:
    • Bowman ranks the top 100 prospects with help from the Bowman Scouts. NEW!
    • Die-Cut Refractor Parallel: sequentially numbered to 99
    • Autographed Die-Cut X-fractor Parallel: X-fractor version sequentially numbered to 24
    • Autographed Die-Cut Atomic Refractor: Patterned Refractor version numbered 1/1. Hobby Only
  • Chrome Refractor Mini cards: "Cream of the Crop"
    • Chrome Refractor Mini cards highlight the top 5 prospects in each farm system. (150 Subjects)
    • Blue Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 250
    • Red Parallel: Sequentially numbered to 5. Hobby Only
    • Superfractor Parallel: Sequentially numbered 1/1. Hobby Only
  • Blue Sapphire Refractor Program:
    • To celebrate Bowman's 65th anniversary, Bowman will launch a continuity program that features some of the top players of all time, as they were first featured in Bowman on reprints of their 1st Bowman Card. NEW!
  • The Bowman Black Collection: (25 Subjects)
    • Bowman Black is back! Subjects sign black paper cards with a silver pen. Cards will be numbered to 25. Hobby Only!
  • Dual Franchise Refractor Autographs:
    • Autographed Dual Refractor cards featuring 2 top prospects. #'d to 25 or less
  • Futures Game Relics:
    • Jersey relic cards from the 2012 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, #'d to 25.
  • Ultimate Prospect Autograph card:
    • Featuring up to 25 prospects on one card! #'d to 5. Hobby Only
  • AFLAC/Perfect Game High School All-American & Under Armour All-American Game Autographs. Hobby Only
  • Bowman Chrome Autographed Rookie Cards:
    • Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 500.
    • Blue Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 250.
    • Gold Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 50.
    • Orange Wave Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 25.
    • Red Refractor version: Sequentially numbered to 5.
    • Super Fractor version: Sequentially numbered 1/1.
    • Printing Plates: Numbered 1/1. Jumbo Box Only
    • State & Home Town Parallel
    • Gold-Bordered
    • Blue-Bordered: numbered to 500.
    • Orange-Bordered: numbered to 250.
    • Red-Bordered: numbered 1/1. Hobby Only
    • Silver Ice Parallel: 1 per box; 2 per Jumbo box.
    • Red Ice #'d to 25 Hobby Only
    • Purple Ice #'d 10 Hobby Only
    • White Ice #'d to 1 Hobby Only
    • MLB prospects. These will be numbered BP1 - BP110.
    • State & Home Town Parallel
    • Blue-Bordered: numbered to 500.
    • Orange-Bordered: numbered to 250.
    • Red-Bordered: numbered 1/1. Hobby Only
    • Red Ice #'d to 25 Hobby Only
    • Purple Ice #'d to 10 Hobby Only
    • White Ice #'d to 1 Hobby Only
    • Bowman Chrome Prospects:
      • Subjects from the prospects insert will have Bowman Chrome versions.
      • Refractor Parallel: #'d to 500.
      • Blue Refractor Parallel: #'d to 250.
      • Gold Refractor Parallel: #'d to 50.
      • Orange Refractor Parallel: #'d to 25.
      • Red Refractor Parallel: #'d to 5. Hobby Only
      • Super Fractor Parallel: #'d to 1/1. Hobby Only
    • Autographed Bowman Chrome Prospects:
      • Autographs of MLB prospects. Cards will have the following parallels. Hobby Only
      • Refractor: #'d to 500
      • Blue: #'d to 150
      • Gold: #'d to 50
      • Orange: #'d to 25
      • Purple: #'d to 10. JUMBO BOX Only
      • Red: #'d to 5
      • Super: #'d to 1
      • Printing Plates #'d to 1. JUMBO BOX Only
  • Oversized 1948 Autographed Bowman cards: Inserted as B ox loaders #'d to 20.
  • Bowman Golden Debut Contract returns!
    • Each Contract recipient gets an autographed baseball from a top prospect
    • Grand Prize winner gets a card in 2014 Bowman release
  • Lucky 5 Redemption Program:
    • Five different limited redemption cards good for a special bouns card.

May 10

2013 Leaf Legends of the Gridiron Football

12 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 1 card per pack.

  • Leaf Is Pleased To Announce The Release Of An Ultra-Short Print Run Cut Signature Item Designed To Celebrate America's Favorite Sport, Football! Legends Of The Gridiron Is The Perfect Combination Of Hall Of Famers, Superstars And Heisman Trophy Winners!
    • Only 99 Cases Produced!
    • Look For Dual Signatures Cards!
  • 1 Encapsulated Authentic Cut Signature Card Per Box
Not much again this week, especially for me. Being primarily a football collector, it's doubtful that I'll open any of the '13 Bowman, although I will watch some breaks of it. I do always like the look of the Bowman cards. I would like to open a box of the '13 Leaf Legends of the Gridiron, but $65 for 1 card is a bit much for my wallet. I'll just have to keep a lookout on YouTube for a break of it and live vicariously through them on that one.

Any of you planning on getting a box of any of this new stuff this week?
I always like the bowman sets, but have never liked that there is only one hit per box. And like you stated about the Legends of the Gridiron, $65 is a bit much for a 1 card box, so there is a good chance I will probably pass on both of these.
I love Bowman, even though it is full of guys that will never make the majors, I like to pick up some the new kids that come through the minor league teams that come around here. I doubt that I will bust any boxes myself, but I will get in some box breaks to see what I can do.