**SPOILERS** WWE SD! Taping Results


Bench Warmer
SmackDown opens with a recap of last week's stuff with the Undertaker. Tonight, JBL interviews Big Dave, and our first match is a WrestleMania Rematch:

KHALI vs Kane: Kane beats Khali by DQ, after Kane was choked with wire for the DQ. Kane shoves Khali down after the match, and out comes Big Daddy V to squash Kane post-match.

MVP vs Mysterio is later tonight.

Matt Striker interview with Big Daddy V, warns that V will be coming to SmackDown to cause havoc. That's followed by Chuck Palumbo (w/ Michelle McCool) vs. Chris Masters. Victoria comes out to attack Michelle McCool... that distracts Palumbo, allowing Masters to get the win via a roll-up.

Backstage segment with Matt Hardy and MVP. MVP says that he feels like Matt is his friend, and he doesn't want the match at Cyber Sunday.

Matt plugs the choices for the match, as we go to Matt Hardy vs Finlay. Matt wins after hitting the Twist of Fate - MVP came out and took the shillelagh off of Finlay.
Major Brothers are up next.

Drew McIntyre beat Brett Major (?) with the Flatliner.

JBL interviews Batista - it's a shill for the book and the Cyber Sunday choices. JBL says Dave has never beaten Undertaker, and calls him a coward. JBL gets speared - they're heavily plugging people to vote for Austin here.

Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore beat Deuce & Domino with a sunset flip.

Undertaker vs. Jamie Noble, as per Vickie Guerrero's orders after Noble complained about the Khali match. It was a squash match. Taker wins with the chokeslam. The entrances took longer than the match!

It's announced the next UK TV taping tour is going to be in April - tickets go on sale Saturday October 27.

A LOT of people left after the Taker match... it's just gone 10.30pm and Rey vs. MVP starts. It went through one commercial break, and was good until the finish - Finlay came out to attack MVP, causing Mysterio to lose via DQ. Rey then attacked Finlay as SmackDown went off the air. "Very flat finish". No post-show dark matches, which is just as well because the arena was half empty by the time the show ended!