Show pickups, part 1 - College stuff



Last weekend at the Boro I picked up so much stuff (about 80 cards, all autos, gu, and #d), that I couldn't possibly post it all at once. So I'm gonna break it up. First up, the college stuff... Blue Raiders and Huskies and Cougars and Vols, oh my!!! If only I could have found a Grizzly or two.


Tyrone Calico 03 Rookies & Stars Masks 230/350
Jerome Harrison 06 Sage Hit auto
Devard Darling 04 Press Pass auto
Casey Clausen 04 Press Pass auto
Larry Tripplett 02 Sage Red auto 634/350
Larry Tripplett 02 Sage Bronze auto 274/550


Cody Pickett 04 Press Pass jersey 679/700
Reshard Lee 03 SPX RC 510/1500
Tyrone Calico 03 Topps DP&P Collegiate Cuts (unfortunately I already had a solid blue swatch :( )
Reshard Lee 03 Topps DP&P Collegiate Cuts


Jason Hill 07 Topps DP&P Senior Standouts jersey
Jermaine Green 04 Press Pass jersey 293/300
Devard Darling 04 Sage Hit auto
James Killian 05 UD SP Scripts for Success (not actually for any of my college collections, he was briefly with the Nashville Kats, but I didnt have enough stuff to do a "misc" scan, so he went here)

Seahawks & Titans will start getting scanned when I get back from Louisville on Sunday.