Shaq slams kobe in rap video

JammingJames23 said:
The whole thing was in bad taste by Shaq.

LOL! in bad taste...come ON that was a CHEAP pun LOL :rolleyes:

"KOBE how's my --- taste?" LOL "Kobe you cant do it without me"

man Shaq is a FOOL but this was FUNNY...classless BUT funny!
Admin said:
Lol cheap pun, just like the rest of his CDs and movies.

ok ok Kazaam was HORRIBLE but I kind of liked BLUE CHIPS....

and yea 99.9% of his songs were bad ...BUT you cant tell me that you didnt like...

Fu-Schnickens w/SHAQ

yea yea yea it was a Fu-Schnickens track, "featuring" Shaq but he was on it none the less (3:07 into the song) LOL (man Shaq looks like a BABY in this LOL)