Selling the 2 SPA Quad's ? on best way to list


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Hi all,

I'm considering selling the 2 quads I pulled today. With one having Gretzky & the other being all rookies w/Ovechkin in the mix & both #'d to 10, the rookie #'d to Ovechkin's Jersey # I'm guessing both would bring some nice coinage.

Would you -
A - Just list the auction with nice picks start it at a buck & let it run?


B - Put a high BIN on them both & allow Best Offers?

If your choosing B what $ amount would you use for the BIN?

My feedback just hit 900 with over 1100 feedbacks at 100% positive so that should be covered. I've never listed any really high $ stuff especially in Hockey. Any feedback or advise on this matter would be appreciated.

c. sell one to kelly. list the other with good pics and let it run, start at .99
One problem with hockey is that most of the fans are canadian. So if you take paypal you need to find a way to cover yourself so that you do not get scammed mailing north of the border