Sean Payton Suspended, Saints Handed a Hefty Fine


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With all the injuries that take place in modern football it's no doubt that the NFL had to dish out some big time penalties for a New Orleans Saints team that was placing bounties on other players. Roger Goodell said "no one is above the game or the rules that govern it" and that "respect for the game and the people who participate in it will not be compromised". He proved that Wednesday when he handed the saints a hefty $500,000 fine, along with stripping them of their 2nd round draft picks for the next 2 seasons.

Sean Payton, the Saints head coach, was also suspended for the duration of 1 year.

The Saints ex-defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely. Apparently the defense wasn't the only thing Williams was coordinating. He was also the one who, supposedly, was coordinating the bounty program.

Additionally, it's been reported that the Saints' GM Mickey Loomis could also be looking at an 8-game suspension with a $500,000 fine of his own.

No players have been suspended, or fined, for their involvement in the program but ESPN has reported that the program is still under investigation.

Now, to me Sean Payton's 1 year suspension simply isn't enough. If he knew about the bounty program, and clearly the NFL says he did, he should have been either suspended longer or suspended with a big time fine. By not putting a stop to the program, he was just as involved as the one who started it (Gregg Williams) in my opinion. I also think HUGE fines (of no less than $100,000 each) should be handed out to all the players who dished out money for this program, especially including Jonathan Vilma who put up the $10,000 fine to knock Brett Favre out of a game.

There are already enough injuries in football without the need for players purposely trying to hurt one another. There is NO place for it in the game.
I dont, i also still believe this never happened, I want to see evidence 0 solid evidence!!!!!

Are you serious? Didn't Jonathan Vilma publicly announce to the media that he had a $10,000 bounty out on Brett Favre in the 2010 NFC Championship game? If that's not "proof", then I don't know what is.
Yeah.. this is really really REALLY not good for the Saints.. And I honestly agree with you Mike.. The fines, suspensions and so on, need to be gigantic for this. It's unforgiveable. Totally unforgivable. And I know a lot, if not all teams prolly do similar stuff, but until you get caught, you're not in trouble. But maybe huge fines will prevent players from doing the same thing around the league. Payton appealed his suspension. I doubt Goodell will lower/shorten it. And he really shouldn't..