Basketball Scans Of My J.R. SMITH COLLECTION! - 3 WEEKS

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3 weeks of collecting J.R. Smith, heres what I got so far:

Lemme know what you think.

One imcomming card:


Excellent start there :D Keep it up! :)

I think Johan Santana #57 is looking to offload some nice JRs.
I also think ozballer is looking to move two rare JRs as well.

You might want to give them a buzz. ;)

Showtime Lakers

Bench Warmer
southhawks23 said:
very nice start off to a new collection keep it up how much did you pay for them?

These are just some I remember off the top off my head:

Trilogy Auto Jersey /25: $36
Trilogy Auto Jersey /25 - Incomming: $32
(2) Ultimate Rookie Autos /250: $40
SPA's: It Varies from $5-$8 each
Black Diamond:$4
Sweet Spot Baseball: $14