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Bench Warmer
Hi, my name is Nick, and I'm a collector.
[crowd says Hi Nick]

I collect sports cards, autographs, and memorabilia. I've been doing it for over 30 years. I do both vintage and modern, from the 4 major sports, several minor sports, and some vintage nonsports. I'm focusing regularly on things as varied as HOFer-signed lithos, Goudey and Play Ball sets (the originals, not the modern UD versions), some serial numbered parallel sets, and Cuban and Venezuelan cards. OK, so it's not focus, but all of those are in my regular ebay searches.

I found out about TCZ from Twitter.
Hello! And welcome to the Trading Card forum of the future! (Said as Futurama-esk as possible, except future instead of tomorrow, and trading card forum instead of world :LOL: )
Welcome aboard, Nick. If you have any questions, or concerns, feel free to PM me, or any of the other team members, any time.