rookies for sale


Bench Warmer
i am trying to sell all of these as a lot or sepretly.make a deal on what you like and we will go from there.
i will let this go real cheap so just make an offer on what you like

07 Bowman chrome rc’s
Adam carriker
Jamaal anderson
Levi brown
Tony hunt
Jeremy shockey
Matt jones

07 Ud 1st edition rc’s
Dwayne Jarrett
Jordan palmer
Rufus Alexander
Matt Moore
Chris leak
Antonio pittman
Aaron ross
1st and goal willie parker
Reggie bush (gold)
Michael Vick(gold)
Sophomore sensations Michael huff
07 Score rc’s
Brandon Jackson
Dwayne Jarrett
Marcus McCauley
Lorenzo booker
Troy smith
David irons x2
Greg Olsen
Franchise Shaun Alexander
Thomas Jones(glossy)
Sean Taylor(glossy)
Jon beason(glossy)
Anquan boldin(glossy)
Atomic steve smith(nyg)
Hot rookie Ted ginn jr.

06 topps total rc’s
Leon Washington
Donovan mcnabb
Michael huff
Adam Jennings
Si Donovan mcnabb
Total topps Michael Vick
Misc. rc’s
03 bowman chrome Terrell suggs
02 score Julius peppers
07 press pass se Ted ginn jr.
07 topps dpp Jared zabransky(bronze)
Misc. inserts
06 topps nfl 83/06 reggie bush
07 topps chrome Albanian Tomlinson td9
06 turkey red Dominick Davis(white)
07 prestige prestigious pros Carson palmer(purple) 226/250
05 Press pass big numbers Ronnie brown
07 press pass se class of 07 troy smith

i will let this go real cheap so just make an offer on what you like