Recent Pickups (Craig, Drew, Norwood, etc.)


Bench Warmer


First off, thanks to Krusin for the deal on the Roger Craig Legends auto. Got the others off ebay, with the 4 random autos in the top scan coming in a lot with the Norwood. No clue what I'll do with those. Bought the Drew since it went cheaper than usual. Off-season purchases rock. ;) Details below:

-Roger Craig 2000 UD Legends Auto
-Jerious Norwood 06 Contenders Auto
-Maurice Jones-Drew 06 SPX Auto/jsy
-David Thomas 06 Contenders Auto
-Patrick Cobbs 06 Contenders Auto
-Travis Johnson 05 SP Authentic Auto /850
-Adrian McPherson 05 SP Authentic Auto

If you need any of this stuff, lmk. Thanks for stopping in. :cool: