Really need some $$$ for a trip! Details Inside!


Bench Warmer
OK guys, I recently discovered that my parents are planning to send my sister and I on a trip on the weekend of my parents anniversary. This is a birthday present for me, but the catch is that my sister and I still have to pay for most of it. I am in need of some funds, and would like to liquidate my collection in the process. Everything on my photobucket is available. My freewebs has not been updated for a very long time, so many of the rookies, inserts, and #'d cards are gone, and there are many that I have that are not on my site. If there is something or someone you are looking for, lmk and I will look for you. I am taking offers or will give you a price, just lmk what you would like. I accept money orders, well-concealed cash (at buyer's own risk), checks, and PAYPAL! I need some $$$ guys! please help me out! Thanx, Clint