Hockey Rangers now hoping to play game at new Yankee Stadium


"Though playing a game at the House That Ruth Built is fading, the Yankees' new ballpark could be an option for the Rangers. The Yankees were on board. The city was on board. And the NHL wanted to do it. But myriad logistical problems made it too costly and too difficult for the NHL to stage the next Winter Classic as the closing act at Yankee Stadium. Still, if the NHL won't be making history by closing the old ballpark, it could well wind up staging the first non-baseball sporting event in the new one. The Daily News has learned that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, Yankees COO Lonn Trost and mayor Mike Bloomberg concluded their discussions on the topic recently with each pledging their interest in playing a Winter Classic in the new Yankee Stadium - perhaps on New Year's Day 2010."

Rangers now hoping to play game at new Yankee Stadium
I cant see the harm, Hockey is a good sport with a loyal fanbase and the Rangers have been around for a long time, I can see why some may find conflict. But if the guys who sign the checks dont care why should anybody else?
I think its because people who dont like Hockey REALLY dont like hockey and see it as a way of harming the sanctity of the stadium.