Rams to trade the second pick to..


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The Rams are appearantly trading the second pick in this years NFL draft, to the Washington Redskins for a ton of picks.. reportedly 3 first round picks, and 1 second round.

Reports: Rams trade No. 2 pick to Redskins... http://bit.ly/yiQw61

Thats quite a lot to give up for a Mike Vick clone in my opinion..
This offseason is just getting better and better. Lots of good free agents and tons of trade talk.
Yes this is going to be one of the most interesting offseason that I can remember. Wish the Vikes never won that game against Washington and we would have gotten that haul for the second pick. Rg3 better be worth it for shannahan to keep his job.
I think with RG3 it will depend on what kind of quarterback they get. In my opinion, you can't win in the NFL with a quarterback that looks to run first then pass (much like Vick when he started his career). If he comes in, and becomes a pocket passer I think he'll be fine. If he comes in looking to run around all the time, trying to make something big happen with his feet, I think he'll have another thing coming. Not only will he just not be as fast compared to the defensive players in the NFL, it will also take a major toll on his body getting hammered by those big ol' linebackers week in and week out.
Yup, Mike, I agree.. if he is as I suspect more like Vick than Newton, then they grossly over paid for him.. if he turns oit like Newton, then they did a food deal..

Another thing.. if people were doing a mock draft.. they need to start over now.. and prolly when Peyton lands somewhere, they need to do it yet again.. :LOL: