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Bench Warmer
No scans right now. Definitely worth the money.

Basic Rookies:
Joe Staley
Fred Bennett
Roy Hall
Ryan McBean
Jerard Rabb
Jon Beason
Tim Shaw
Alonzo Coleman
Ikaika Alama-Francis
Josh Gattis
A.J. Davis

Rookies #'d /599:
Adam Carriker
Joe Thomas
Michael Bush
Brandon Siler

Hot Rookies #'d /749:
JaMarcus Russell
Kevin Kolb

Scorecard #'d /100:
Aaron Schobel
Victor Abiamiri RC

Artist's Proof #'d /32:
Roy Williams (WR)

Gold Zone #'d /50:
Frank Gore

Red Zone #'d /30:
Brandon Marshall

Gold Zone Ted Ginn Jr. RC Auto #'d 1/20 :dance:


Bench Warmer
:cheers: Ginn Jr !

Said it last year i'll say it again , that is one of THE nicer lower end products in a long while imo. Good hits in every box mostly.