pretty nice auction


Transactions: 1

19 Pujols Rcs
9 Ryan Howard Rcs
2 Stephen Drew RRO SP
25 Amare Rcs
39 Melo Rcs
15 Chris Paul Rcs
15 Deron Williams Rcs
23 D-Wade Rcs
129 Lebron Rcs
14 Alex Smith Rcs
30 Caddy Rcs
69 Palmer Rcs
21 Eli Rcs
26 Gore Rcs
19 Tomlinson Rcs
30 Larry Fitz Rcs
5 LJ Rcs
26 Vick Rcs
21 Bush Rcs
Mantle Set

not sure the $15k is a good price, i havent looked to see what each of these would sell for, but im guessing putting that many into the market quickly would hurt it significantly, but still pretty impressive