pretty good trade night


Bench Warmer
got these tonight.....
bought this off ebay and got it today

craig buster davis auto /5

pulled the rest

lawrence jackson rose bowl game ticket /50


antoine cason auto


marcus fitzgerald auto /50

and the big pull of the night!!!!!!
dunt dunnnaaaanaaaa

wait for it

wait for it

almost here

getting closer

one more time.....


darren mcfadden auto

think i did pretty good...
also played pack poker with a box of 07 leaf rc and stars and got nothing.. won 3 packs but all base or inserts.. same guy won all 4 jerseys..
vandychris said:
You live in Clarksville, right? Where do you go to trade nights at?
there is a trade night on thursdays at vikins cards and comics on ft campbell blvd behind food lion from 7pm -9 pm and trade day on saturday from 9 am -usually 11 am
ricks cards and collectibles has a trade day on saturday that starts at 10:30 am and lasts usually till aound 4pm (people come and go during that time)