Press pass


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Anyone open a box of 2013 press pass yet? I've seen some inscription autos that aren't numbered but I bought a pack an got a Sheldon Richardson who went first round this year and the card wasn't signed with his name. It was signed "miz". That's it. Anyone know anything about autos like this and have you seen one yet? I don't believe I've seen multiples of inscriptions. So would this be a 1/1 without being numbered? I'm cornfused. Lol
I haven't opened any, or seen any opened yet. The first box I'll see is when we break some '13 Press Pass Fanfare tonight during the football break. I'm not sure about the inscriptions either. Might be something worth looking up though, especially before trying to move that card either by sale or trade.
Yeah that's true. I've searched eBay for someone to try and sell one like it and nobody is. I actually pulled this a month ago. But was looking through some stuff and there it was. Just didn't think much of it. I'd love it if I were a Missouri fan.