Pre-season starts today


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Cardinals vs Saints..

How big will the Saints win? Or will the Cards pull out an upset?

Im rooting for Beanie and Ryan Willams.. so I guess Im hoping for an upset :p

So excited to get back to football! :cool:
And of course, both Beanie and Ryan Williams arent playing :LOL:

I really hope for the Cards own good that Skelton gets the starting job. Lindley looks better than Kolb.. Kolb looks awful, again

Sean Canfield looks like he should get a shot at a starting spot somewhere thats not new orleans..
Well I'll be glad to have Kolb be the starter since he'll get "injured" at the beginning of every game. Then the real quarterbacks can come in and do their jobs.
Well, Tebow looked awful in his first appearance for the Jets :LOL:

But in Seattle, Russell Wilson is looking good.. really good. I said when they drafted him that he'd be the starter before the season is over.. Thats not looking too silly right now :p
It's because the Bengals D made him look that way..... :p

Everyone makes him look that way :flapper:

Unlike the Rams.. My main man, kinda possibly messed em up today. Mr. Luck looked just as good as we're used to :) In general, the Colts look better than 2-14 this year imo