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Who do you collect? Name your player and team here!!

Do you have a nice card that you don't know what to do with?

Find the FREAK who collects that team/player!!!

This is here to help every FREAK out with their collections!

We wish all happy and safe trading!


Josh Smith
Moderator Sportscardfreaks

1969-1970 Topps - [user]bruntyblue[/user]
CHICAGO BULLS - [USER]sportsguyryan[/USER]
DETROIT PISTONS - [USER]lemu23[/USER], [USER]tigsfan[/USER], [USER]KingJames081693[/USER]
DUKE BLUE DEVILS [USER]coalregion[/USER], [USER]igotdajuice[/USER]
LA LAKERS - [USER]lakerfanryan[/USER]
MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES - [user]chrisso[/user]
NEW YORK KNICKS - [USER]igotdajuice[/USER]
PHILLY 76ERS - [USER]phillysports34579[/USER]
ABDUR-RAHIM, Shareef- [USER]maschmig[/USER]
ALDRIDGE, Lamarcus - [user]bgomourto[/user]
ANDERSON, Kenny- [USER]nbacardDotnet[/USER]
ANTHONY, Carmelo - [USER]meloman315[/USER], [USER]bjtheman1[/USER], [USER]JLuv[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
ARENAS, Gilbert - [USER]petterii[/USER], [USER]JLuv[/USER]
ARIZA, Trevor- [user]AussieLaker[/user]
AUGUSTIN, D.J. - [USER]KingJames081693[/USER], [USER]JLuv[/USER]
Atkins, Chucky- [USER]mojenda[/USER]
BARGNANI, Andrea - [USER]raptorzrule[/USER]
BATUM, Nicolas- [USER]bgomourto[/USER]
BEASLEY, Michael - [USER]JLuv[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
BIBBY, Mike - [USER]Bibbyfanatic[/USER], [USER]petterii[/USER], [USER]maschmig[/USER], [USER]JDogOwns[/USER]
BIEDRINS, Andris - [USER]glendavis[/USER]
BOOZER, Carlos- [USER]norberjr[/USER]
BOSH, Chris - [USER]raptorzrule[/USER], [USER]chipperjones10[/USER], [USER]bjtheman1[/USER], [user]JLuv[/user], [USER]mrnyceguy168[/USER]
BRAND, Elton - [user]mac5363[/user]
BREWER, Ronnie- [USER]norberjr[/USER]
BRYANT, Kobe - [USER]Lordfranz[/USER], [USER]nbahardcore[/USER], [USER]Admin[/USER], [USER]parep2001[/USER], [USER]Ajax44[/USER], [USER]wallaby[/USER], [USER]Igotdajuice[/USER], [USER]practizionear[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
BUTLER, Caron - [USER]natsfan[/USER], [user]sportscardman40[/user]
BYNUM, Andrew - [USER]Lordfranz[/USER], [USER]Admin[/USER], [user]AussieLaker[/user], [user]JLuv[/user]
CAMBY, Marcus - [USER]Wink3[/USER], [USER]billyhoyle[/USER]
CARNEY, Rodney - [USER]208963 [/USER](Exquisites only)
CARTER, Vince - [user]mac363[/user]
CASSELL, Sam- [USER]kaspar[/USER]
CEBALLOS, Cedric - [user]wjrwebber[/user]
CHANDLER, Wilson - [user]BullsFan[/user]
CURRY, JamesOn - [USER]duhon21[/USER]
DAVIS, Glen - [USER]glendavis[/USER]
DIOGU, Ike- [USER]RoncallisJetsForever909682[/USER]
DUHON, Chris - [USER]basketballeric25[/USER]
DUNCAN, Tim - [user]mac5363[/user]
DURANT, Kevin - [user]mac5363[/user]
ELLIS, Monta - [USER]moosehead[/USER]
EWING, Patrick JR - [USER]igotdajuice[/USER]
FRAZIER, Walt - [USER]umiami89[/USER]
FELTON, Raymond - [USER]carolina_crazy06[/USER]
FERNANDEZ, Rudy- [USER]bgomourto[/USER]
FORD, T. J. - [USER]Steve O 21[/USER], [USER]kaspar[/USER]
FLYNN, Johnny - [USER]Official Aristocrat DJ[/USER]
GARCIA, Francisco- [USER]JLuv[/USER]
GARNETT, Kevin - [USER]208963[/USER], [USER]Ajax44[/USER], [USER]gjorda[/USER], [USER]practizionear[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
GAY, Rudy - [USER]bizzydesigner[/USER], [USER]SQ180[/USER], [USER]mrnyceguy168[/USER]
GERVIN, George - [USER]208963[/USER], [user]sportscardman40[/user]
GIBSON, Daniel - [USER]GotGibson?[/USER]
GIDDENS, JR - [USER]lakerfanryan[/USER]
GORDON, Eric - [USER]pacerfine[/USER], [user]UltimateDeron[/user]
GRANGER, Danny - [USER]seanboy24[/USER], [USER]steve O 21[/USER], [USER]lakerfanryan[/USER], [USER]JLuv[/USER]
GRAY, Aaron - [USER]duhon21[/USER]
GARNETT, Kevin - [USER]spud77[/USER]
GRANGER, Danny - [USER]Steve O 21[/USER], [USER]lakerfanryan[/USER], [USER]JLuv[/USER]
GREEN, Donte - [USER]glendavis[/USER]
HAMMON, Becky - [USER]AndrewG23[/USER]
HEAD, Luther- [user]NR4[/user]
HINRICH, Kirk - [USER]bizzydesigner[/USER]
HOLLINS, Ryan - [USER]nina[/USER]
HORFORD, Al - [USER]tysonnz[/USER]
HORRY, Robert- [USER]nbacardDOTnet[/USER]
HOWARD, DWIGHT - [USER]worryfree[/USER], [USER]moosehead[/USER], [USER]umiami89[/USER], [user]sportscardman40[/user]
HOWARD, Josh - [user]mac5363[/user]
HUGHES, Larry - [USER]Ajax44[/USER], [USER]BoogieDownBerlin[/USER]
IGUODALA, Andre - [USER]raptorzrule[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
IVERSON, Allen - [USER]carolina_crazy06[/USER]
JACK, Jarrett - [USER]Steve O 21[/USER]
JAMES, Lebron - [USER]Lordfranz[/USER], [USER]wezz60[/USER], [USER]nbahardcore[/USER], [USER]KingJames081693[/USER], [USER]JammingJames23[/USER], [USER]Igotdajuice[/USER], [USER]phillysports34579[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
JAMISON, Antawn - [USER]kaspar[/USER]
JEFFERSON, Al - [USER]spud77[/USER], [user]chrisso[/user]
JOHNSON, Joe- [USER]maschmig[/USER]
JOHNSON, Magic - [USER]ilikepie[/USER], [USER][USER]nbahardcore[/USER][/USER], [USER]BABAS1er[/USER]
JORDAN, Michael - [USER]Hands[/USER], [USER]tysonnz[/USER], [USER]nbahardcore[/USER], [USER]wallaby[/USER], [USER]gjorda[/USER]
KEMP, Shawn - [USER]iamaschizo[/USER]
KIDD, Jason - [USER]JLuv[/USER]
KIRILENKO, Andrei- [USER]norberjr[/USER]
LANDRY, Carl - [USER]Purdue747[/USER]
LAW, Acie - [USER]jammingjames23[/USER]
LEWIS, Rashad - [USER]mojenda[/USER]
LOVE, Kevin - [USER]JLuv[/USER]
MACCANTS, Rashad [USER]mojenda[/USER]
MAGGETTE, Corey - [USER]AndrewG23[/USER]
MAYO, O.J. - [USER]Igotdajuice[/USER], [USER]SQ180[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
MBAH A MOUTE, Luc Richard - [USER]Bluedevil19[/USER]
McGRADY, Tracy - [user]mac5363[/user], [USER]yanik60[/USER]
MILES, CJ- [USER]the_future[/USER]
MILES, Darius - [USER]Ajax44[/USER], [user]JGDMSP[/user]
MILLER, Reggie - [USER]seanboy24[/USER]
MILLSAP, Paul- [USER]norber jr[/USER]
MING, Yao - [user]mrnyceguy168[/user]
MORNING, Alonzo- [USER]nbacardDOTnet[/USER]
MORRISON, Adam - [USER]jammingjames23[/USER], [USER]35MorrisonFan[/USER]
MULLIN, Chris - [USER]HiEnd[/USER]
MUTOMBO, Dikembe- [USER]maschmig[/USER]
NASH, Steve - [user]mac5363[/user]
NELSON, Jameer - [USER]02BMJ23[/USER]
NENE - [USER]meloman315[/USER]
NICHOLS, Demetris - [USER]duhon21[/USER]
NOAH, Joakim - [USER]duhon21[/USER]
NOCIONI, Andres - [USER]duhon21[/USER]
NOWITZKI, Dirk - [USER]Ajax44[/USER], [USER]JLuv[/USER], [user]sportscardman40[/user]
ODEN, Greg - [user]mac5363[/user], [USER]bgomourto[/USER]
OKAFOR, Emeka - [user]wjrwebber[/user]
O'NEAL, Jermaine - [USER]raptorzrule[/USER]
O'NEAL, Shaquille - [USER]worryfree[/USER], [USER]tysonnz[/USER], [USER]wallaby[/USER], [USER]mrnyceguy168[/USER] [user]rambiboi[/user]
OLAJUWON, Hakeem - [USER]chipperjones10[/USER], [USER]wink3[/USER]
PAUL, Chris - [user]mac5363[/user], [user]sportscardman40[/user]
PERKINS, Kendrick - [USER]spud77[/USER]
PIERCE, Paul - [USER]spud77[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
PIPPEN, Scottie - [USER]Hands[/USER], [USER]SQ180[/USER], [user]bruntyblue[/user]
POWE, Leon - [USER]spud77[/USER]
PRUITT, Gabe - [USER]spud77[/USER]
REDD, Michael - [USER]da_man1980[/USER]
REDDICK, JJ - [USER]Bluedevil19[/USER], [USER]Dukebluedevils055[/USER]
REED, Willis - [USER]umiami89[/USER]
RICHARD, Chris- [USER]T-Wolves32[/USER]
ROBERTS, Chris Douglas- [user]MFMc[/user]
ROBINSON, David- [user]sportscardman40[/user]
RODMAN, Dennis - [USER]Hands[/USER]
RODRIGUEZ, Sergio - [USER]Ambrosio_09[/USER]
RONDO, Rajon - [USER]spud77[/USER]
ROSE, Derrick - [USER]duhon21[/USER], [USER]bizzydesigner[/USER], [USER]SQ180[/USER], [USER]phillysports34579[/USER], [USER]UltimateDeron[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
ROY, Brandon - [user]bgomourto[/user], [USER]BRoy#7[/USER]
RUSH, Brandon - [USER]Steve_O_21[/USER]
SEFOLOSHA, Thabo - [USER]duhon21[/USER]
SHARPE, Walter- [USER]Bluedevil19[/USER]
SMITH, Josh - [user]flea2123[/user], [USER]maschmig[/USER]
SMITH, Steve - [USER]208963[/USER]
STACKHOUSE, Jerry- [USER]mojenda[/USER]
STOCKTON, John - [user]bruntyblue[/user]
STOUDEMIRE, Amare - [USER]ambrosio_09[/USER], [USER]bballjunky24[/USER], [user]the_future[/user]
STUCKEY, Rodney - [user]Bluedevil19[/user]
THOMAS, Tyrus - [USER]ewilkens[/USER]
THORNTON, Al - [USER]carolina_crazy06[/USER]
WADE, Dwayne - [USER]bjtheman1[/USER], [USER]hammock13 [/USER](GU/AU only), [USER]umiami89[/USER], [USER]practizionear[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
WALKER, Antoine - [USER]jammingjames23[/USER], [USER]spud77[/USER]
WARRICK, Hakim - [USER]Official Aristocrat DJ[/USER]
WEBSTER, Martell- [USER]bgomourto[/USER]
WEEMS, Sonny- [USER]Chiefsfan101[/USER]
WILKINS, Dominique - [USER]tysonnz[/USER], [USER]maschmig[/USER]
WILLIAMS, Deron - [USER]nbahardcore[/USER], [USER]UltimateDeron[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user], [USER]norberjr[/USER]
WILLIAMS, Marvin - [USER]UltimateDeron[/USER], [user]mac5363[/user]
WILLIAMS, Marvin - [USER]ac-n-mike[/USER] (05-06 SPx Winning Materials only)
WILLIAMS, Walt - [user]wjrwebber[/user]
YOUNG, Thaddeus - [user]blaze92585[/user]
Guys... name your player and team!

It is time to update the list :)

I collect Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman
Put me down for the following:

Derrick Rose
Thabo Sefolosha
Andres Nocioni
Joakim Noah
JamesOn Curry
Demetris Nichols
Aaron Gray

I have updated the list & ask that only Basketball go in here for now. Please look in the other sport forums for ones shortly.
Thanks Zack! :)

Keep it up guys...

Duhon21 - are you interested in trading for a small lot of rookies and parallels of your players?