player lots


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Spreadsheets completed
Marshall Faulk
Bo Jackson (Football)
Bo Jackson (Baseball)
Shannon Sharpe
John Elway
Emmitt Smith
Keyshawn Johnson

more coming daily

currently on ebay
142 Peyton Manning
280 Marvin Harrision

saturdays projected lots to go on ebay
Emmitt Smith (303)
Marshall Faulk (480)
John Elway (113)
Shannon Sharpe (???)
Jerry Rice (300+)

if you are a player collector you need to have microsoft excel and contact me for a sheet of the player, organized by year/set/card number, but for insert sets i just go with the 1 of 10 or whatever instead of putting in "touchdown kings" 1 of 10...mostly base and inserts, rookies, NO GU or AUTO in these lots...

players still to be done
Rich Gannon
Kerry Collins
Duece McAlister
Ray Lewis
Jamal Lewis
Steve Young
Junior Seau
Deion Sanders (Football)
Deion Sanders (Baseball)
Warren Moon
Chad Pennington
Curtis Martin
Troy Aikman
Daunte Culpepper
Cris Carter
Donavan McNabb
Dan Marino
Joe Montana
Michael Vick
Eric Moulds
Corey Dillon
and maybe a few get the idea...if you have serious wants for a player, let me know and i can get them organized sooner
I got a Dillon lot myself....

LMK when you are putting yours on. Curious how it does. :)
Any Giants players lying around?

i do have tiki...

also completed inventory of

Barry Sanders

should be able to do another player this afternoon, im thinking marino

andy, it will be awhile til i do dillon, i was checking out some player lots that have gone off, and i wasnt impressed with some of the guys at all, so i might wait til HOF inductions on some of the guys to get some hype...faulk lots are selling at 2 or 3 cents per card :( thats WITH rookies...also i might wait til the season starts to list Culpepper and Mcnabb
joe jurevicious and edgerrin james done today, along with duece mcalister which joey has dibs on for now