Football Picked a Mirror Black NFL Logo #1/1 for my PC!


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My WEEK ENDED with a BANG!!! Some of you know (some of you don't know) that I collect Mark Brunell...Since he's NOT a "superstar" or recent rookie, veteran players such as Brunell have very few NFL Logo cards. He's my 1st NFL Logo card of his in about two years!

Today's NEW addition #1/1

2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Black NFL Logo (From 93-94 Packers uni) #135 (#1/1)!!!

The story was the seller bought a LCM Box from blowout's Valentine Day sale and he received it on 2/20! He proceed to bust it open and listed the Brunell right away on ebay...I snagged it one hour after it was listed (it would have been sooner but I wasn't home) :LOL:

Now I have TWO Brunell NFL Logo cards left on my whale watching list!! They are:
2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Back NFL Logo #123 (#1/1)


2002 SPX Winning Materials NFL Logo Patch (#/5)!!!

If anyone sees either - PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Thanks for looking and keep on jadeROCKing!!!


Johan Santana #57

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2004 LCM is the best set, love the baseball set and love the mirror blacks especially, have 2 for my PC as well. Sick cards, and ill bet youll find those other 2 since you have everything else!