PETA's official statement on Vick


Bench Warmer
PETA's offices, located just over an hour away from Michael Vick's rural mansion-where we now know dozens if not hundreds of dogs were forced to fight to the death in the pit-has been receiving vague allegations of Vick's involvement in illegal animal fighting activity for years, sadly without much concrete evidence to back it up. While local authorities-who have historically mishandled dogfighting cases-sat on evidence in this case, the U.S. Attorney's office was obviously determined to get the job done. The professional sports world is plagued with players who have been accused, charged, or convicted of cruelty to animals, abusing pit bulls, and dog fighting, and we hope that this indictment sends a loud and clear message to players and the NFL that celebrity is not a sufficient excuse for breaking the law, and that animal abuse should never be tolerated under any circumstances.

Fairly tame by their standards :D
I agree! They were OK until they started bashing the NFL. :lollol:
it wasn't bad but i can stand peta as an organization
they don't condone people having house pets and often fund know local terrorists(no not the middle-eastern kind, the kind that burn down abortion clinics and car dealerships)
since when has being a NFL star meant that they are above the law? so far everyone in the NFL that has broken the law has been bitch slapped because they are a NFL star and it's been plastered all over the tv and media?