PC Cards that Im shopping around (3 sports)


Bench Warmer
I have been strongly considering cutting some things out and starting to focus on less things to collect. I have a lot of different odds and ends that are really just in my collection b/c I at one point liked the card. The cards that Im talking about pictured here. I have decided to focus more on my Pistons collections, aswell as my newly started Carmelo Anthony autograph collection. Instead of getting random cards to fill my PC I am going to get ones that fall into those categories. I will be more than happy to check sites, but again my focus is to replace PC cards b/c all of these are coming from my PC. Let me know what you like.


2006 Ivan Rodriguez Flair Showcase Showcase Stitches


2004 Topps Tribute Hall of Fame ''1980'' Al Kaline gameused bat


2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Kirk Gibson jersey


2005 Topps Heritage William "Refrigerator" Perry goal post card (from LA Super Dome from SB XX)


2001 Donruss Classics Hashmarks Barry Sanders (turf from Three Rivers Stadium)


06-07 Vince Carter SPGU Significance /100


03-04 Flair Final Edition SIGnificant Cuts Tracy McGrady /50


2005 Joe Namath Playoff Contenders Legendary Contenders /175 (COME STRONG)
Oh, I had no idea the TMac booked that high. That being the case I'm not really that interested in it.