Payton BGS 9.5 :dance: :rambo:


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im sure a few of you saw my happy steal of the other day, well happy shipping too, as it came in today...the case needs some work, so i might have it reslabbed, as there is pricetag residue and scratches on it, subs 9.5 9.5 9.5 9

its a 2001 Topps Commerative Reprint of the 1982 Walter Payton, and i think i want to make a BGS 9.5 set, i know i have most if not all of the cards, but it would be best if i could find them pregraded so i dont have to pay to get back 9s, but id like both the regular topps and the chrome refractors...i do have 2 johnny unitas i can trade for 2 paytons