Patrick O'Bryant, Rafael Araujo, Charlie Villanueva, Kris Humphries


Bench Warmer
I got these Hoffa's..
2004 SAGE HIT Autographs 36 188/250
2004-05 Finest Refractors 189 AU 154/179
2004-05 SP Authentic 180 AU 0920/1499
2004-05 SP Signature Edition 107 JSY 129/499
2004-05 Upper Deck Pro Sigs Pro Signs Rookies RA
2004-05 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Signature Shots RA


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
Sun - I could use 'em all. LMK whatcha need.

Mike - No, they are not friends of Rajiv. I collect the worst of the worst, name and play wise. :dance: