Onyxdragon5977's rolling mail thread


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26 (100%)
OH man that Purple 2014 Prestige is SWEET. Only 2 things would improve it. 1) if the serial number was his jersey number, 2) It was a Rams card.


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Nice mailday today!

First, some hole fillers!

2004 Steven Jackson Press Pass SE Old School

2009 Steven Jackson Upper Deck 3D Stars

2010 Steven Jackson Panini Contenders Playoff Ticket #d 89/99

2004 Steven Jackson Topps Pristine Gold Refractor #d 25/99

2004 Steven Jackson Press Pass Reflectors #d 206/500

2004 Steven Jackson Press Pass Reflectors Proofs #d 065/100

2011 Steven Jackson Panini Absolute Ground Hoggs Prime #d 08/10

And the nice one!

2006 Steven Jackson Donruss Gridiron Gear Platinum Holofoil Auto #d 4/5!

Thanks guys!


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Another nice COMC package!

2004 Steven Jackson/Chris Perry/Kevin Jones/Tatum Bell Bazooka Stickers

2004 Steven Jackson Playoff Hogg Heaven Rookie Hoggs #d 392/750

2004 Steven Jackson Topps Pristine Mini Jersey

2004 Steven Jackson Fleer Skybox LE Sky's the Limit Jersey Silver #d 95/99

2009 Steven Jackson Donruss Elite Status Gold #d 17/24

2014 Steven Jackson Panini Elite Status Purple #d 24/39

2014 Steven Jackson Panini Elite Status Red #d 11/25

Basically, just some stuff I didn't have...Thanks!


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Thank you @captkirk42 !

Woohooo!!!!! Mail!!!

2004 Steven Jackson Fleer Hot Prospects Auto Jersey RC #d 242/300

2007 Steven Jackson Upper Deck Artifacts Jersey Autograph #d 14/15

2008 Steven Jackson Leaf Limited Jersey Autograph #d 2/5

2012 Steven Jackson Topps Five Star Letterman #d 1/1

I love getting mail!


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From a fellow Jackson fanatic on Facebook...

2005 Steven Jackson Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Equipment Signature Shoulder Pads Auto #d 2/5!!!

Thanks for the look!