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Q: if killing is killing, what do you eat?...plants are living organisms as well and by eating there fruits you are preventing the growth of future generations, thus killing...also you speak of bonds being singled out because he is black, what about palmeiro who is latino or mcgwire who was white in the roids scandal?...what about pete rose betting on baseball, he is white, what about the nba official accused of making calls to cover the spread, he is white...are you president of the al sharpton or jesse jackson fan club, because those are about the only ones i see that might have anywhere close to your views, and they were the first to say that the duke lacrosse players raped that girl, who was black, then all charges were dropped cause her story kept changing, and al and jesse have yet to make a public apology for ruining these guys lives...and i dont doubt you will sell these, to yourself, as you are one of the most well known shillers of etopps cards ever to have an account

his response...

A: First off, I shill bid once before, ONE TIME, about 8 or so months ago, and i paid my due for it, through SUSPENSION. That's the same as user cardtarget on ebay, and less than you sliqwill and many other etoppers who have done in MULTIPLE TIMES. the one thing that's funny, is what you people who don't want to believe racism exits do. LOL "what about this ONE EXAMPLE" what about this "ONE EXAMPLE". OUT OF 10000 examples of white racism, you guys will find 2-3 EXAMPLES where white people were mistreated, and then you use it as UR TRUMP CARD. It's funny as heck and it makes me LAUGH when i see this. PETE ROSE was actually treated better than if he were black. What you don't understand is if PETE ROSE were black, HE WOULD STILL BE IN JAIL NOW. PROBABLY JAIL FOR LIFE. So you saying Pete rose got punished for something doesn't help your case one bit, because if he were black his punishment would only be WORSE. THAT BEING SAID, It's stupid they even banned rose from baseball he should be a first ballot HOF. LOL DONAGHY ALLEGEDLY BET ON GAMES and he was officated, do you realize how bad that is?? It's a lot worse than allegedly popping a few pills and cream like Bonds. ALSO HAVE YOU BONDS HATERS EVER HEARD OF WEIGHTLIFTING?? HOW ABOUT WORKING HARD AND TRAINING HARD?? DO YOU REALIZE HOW HARD BARRY BONDS WORKED TO GET TO WHERE HE IS NOW?? EVEN BEFORE, in '93 he HIT 46 HRS, in '94 37 in JUST 112 GAMES. WHAT DID JOSE CANSECO TELL YOU GUYS?? 80-85% WERE ON ROIDS, AND BONDS WAS STILL THE BEST. I CAN COMPLETELY OWN YOU BONDS HATERS IT'S AMAZING HOW MUCH RACISM BONDS HAS TO FACE. 100% RACISM. And No they are not singled out, you are out of your mind if you think MCGWIRE and PALMEIRO receive the same treatment as BONDS. What have I been saying this whole time, the WHOLE STEROID CONTROVERSY really started when BONDS was climbing the CHARTS, they had sources back in '98 too stuff was going on, BUT it didn't come out, cuz they wanted to protect MCGWIRE.

anyone find where i said i didnt like bonds (i dont but still)...i note a few white folks who have recently been in trouble, yet its michael vick and barry bonds who are the targets of love to beat this guy down something terrible
How is Bonds facing racism when he is breaking another black mans record? :scratch: I guess I am missing the Race aspect