Nice Sized Lot For Sale 30 Game Used/Autos/RC's $50 Shipped


Bench Warmer
This lot of 18 Game Used, 4 Autos, 8 Rookies or Nicer Inserts for $55 Shipped... Good Trade Bait Just want them gone $50 paypal takes it down bv has to be $300+

07 sp rookie threads chris henry RB dual 2 color jsy /225
07 sp rookie threads phenom flashback deangelo williams dual 2 color jsy
07 topps tx postseason ticket jake delhomme gu jsy
07 Leaf Rookies and Stars D4S Chris henry RB jsy
07 Leaf R&S Crusade Terry Glenn /250 jsy
07 SPX Winning Materials Michael Bush Jsy
07 Bowman Sterling Chris McCallister jsy with part of a star
07 Leaf R&S Gold Jerious Norwood Jsy /50
07 Donruss Threads Clinton Portis Jsy /250
06 Prestige Game Day Jerseys Anquan Boldin jsy
06 Topps DP&P Upper Classmen Deuce McCallister jsy
06 Donruss Threads Joey Galloway Ball /250
06 Bowman FOTF Roscoe Parrish Jsy
06 Bowman FOTG Reggie Brown Jsy
06 Bowman Sterling Lee Evans Jsy
06 Bowman Sterling Tony Gonzalez Jsy
04 Fleer Showcase Grace Santana Moss Jsy
04 Absolute Ground Hoggs Keyshawn Johnson Shoe /125

05 Spx Superscripts Nate Burelson Auto
07 Press Pass Jimmy Williams Auto
07 Bowman Chrome Aundrae Allison Auto
07 Topps TX Garrett Wolfe Auto

rookies and such
96 Spx A Cut Above Jerry Rice
98 Press Pass Head Butt Randy Moss rookie
99 Topps Chrome donovan McNabb rookie
07 Bowman Chrome Brady Quinn rookie
07 Topps DP&P Chrome Marshawn Lynch rookie
07 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Paul Poluszny rookie
07 Topps Chrome White refractor Greg Olsen rookie /869
07 Topps Chrome Xfractor Steve Smith Rookie