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I just wanted to let everyone know that today we have made public our new transaction manager. We feel like this transaction manager will be very easy to understand, and simple to use. Since it is new we ask that you please report any problems you have with the way the transaction manager works to myself or any member of the TCZ Staff.

I also wanted to share a simple written tutorial to try to explain how to create, and complete, a transaction using TCZ's Transaction Manager.

The first thing to do is to create a transaction with your trading partner, or have them create the transaction with you. You can find the link in both the member's profile, as well as in the member card. Here is a look at the member card. You'll notice that there is now a "Create Transaction" link. We have also added a "Create Transaction" link in the member profile. Here is a look at both locations.



Now here is a screenshot of what the transaction form looks like. Simply fill out all of the options on that form and, once again, click "Create Transaction". The additional notes input is optional.


If someone creates a transaction with you, you will receive a PM with a link to the transaction thread. If you a view a transaction thread that is waiting on action from you it will say so in red, bold letters, followed by a link, or links, for you to choose from. If the transaction isn't confirmed yet, you will be given links to either confirm or decline the transaction.


If you cancel the transaction, the thread is simply removed along with any records of that transaction.

If you confirm the transaction, then an update is posted in the transaction thread and the action links change to indicate that feedback is needed from you. Here is what the thread will look like after it is confirmed.


Once you click on the link to leave feedback for a transaction, you will be presented with a simple form for adding feedback.


Just like everything else involving transactions, the feedback updates will also be added to the transaction thread, including what kind of feedback was left and the feedback comment that was entered.


Finally, once both members have left feedback for a transaction it is automatically closed out and moved to the "Completed Transactions" forum.

I hope this tutorial is easy to understand so that your next transaction with this new system can be a flawless one. If do have any questions feel free to PM me, or any other member of the TCZ Staff, at any time.
Easy enough, just posted one, but do we need to PM our address to members, or is there a place to add your address when a transaction is made
Easy enough, just posted one, but do we need to PM our address to members, or is there a place to add your address when a transaction is made

You'll need to work out all those details with your trading partner through PM for now. We may consider adding address fields in the future, though.
I recently noticed that the "Transaction Manager" is not providing members with a list of their currently pending transactions. I will try to get that fixed before the end of the week. In the mean time, you can still find all of your transactions listed in the Pending Transactions forum.
I believe the error with the transaction manager list has been fixed. All of your currently pending transactions should be listed now. Please let me know if you find any other errors.

Also, you can now post updates within your transaction threads (including ship/payment dates, delivery confirmation, etc).
Just wanted to bump this post for some of our newer members who may not know how to use our transaction manager.

Also, we'll soon be doing away with the email that comes with each created transaction. You will still receive a PM letting you know the transaction has been created, just no email. The only emails you will get, pertaining to transaction, will be emails from our support staff requesting updates to your transactions (if necessary).
Just a reminder that in order to complete a transaction, both members involved must leave feedback for the transaction. To leave feedback for a transaction, simply click the link in the first post of the transaction.

It should look something like this:


To view your currently open transactions, use the Transaction Manager
I just wanted to let everyone know that the transaction manager conversion is still being worked on. I didn't want you guys/gals to think we'd quit working on it. It's just not coming along as quickly as originally thought. We will get there!! :)
These steps have been updated, and new screenshots have been posted, of the new Transaction Manager. Please keep in mind it hasn't been released for use yet, but we are very close!
Just wanted to let everyone know that our Transaction Manager is now installed and, as of today, fully active! Thanks, everyone, for your patience. Hopefully you will all be satisfied with out easy it is to use, and I hope to see you all using it often. That will be even more true in a little over a week when the Trade-a-Thon begins. ;)

Please check the first post, as it shows how the Transaction Manager works.

If you have any problems, what-so-ever, with the Transaction Manager please let a member of the TCZ Staff know immediately so that we can get it taken care of.