new trade /sell list


Bench Warmer
have these. LMK

gale sayers 2004 prime sigs proof #ed/40 bv72 50dlvd
jamarcus russell 2007 select hot rookies inscriptions auto #ed40 bv100 60 dlvd
drew stanton chicography #ed 399 auto bv20 12dvld
chris henry 2005 bowmans best auto#ed599 bv12 5 dlvd
kevin kolb topps highlights auto bv25 12dlvd
joeseph addai 2006 aspire auto bv50 20 dlvd
laurence maroney 2006 press pass legends auto bv30 15dlvd
steve smith class marks auto bv15 7 dlvd
sidney rice elite totc auto bv 60 25 dlvd
chad johnson 01 dynagon auto 80bv 45 dlvd
brandon jacobs 2005 bowmans best blue auto bv36 15 dlvd
b marshall 2006 bowman chrome auto bv25 htg 15dlvd
patrick willis topps co signers auto bv30 15 dlvd


2005 duece mccallister logo patch(in bucket, must see) #ed25/25 want 60bv 35 dlvd
2007 greg olsen war room 3 color patch #ed25 bv30 15 dlvd
2007 rex grossman 2 color leaf limited patch #ed 10/10 20 dlvd
2006 aj hawk gridiron collection jsy bv15 6 dlvd
2007 garrett wolffe dress for success jsy bv6 3 dlvd
2007 matt hassleback/steve young jsy leaf limited bv15 6 dlvd
2007 anthony gonzalez sterling jsy bv 12 5dlvd
2004 steven jackson finite jsy bv15 6dlvd
2004 philip rivers finite jsy bv 15 6 dlvd
2007 drew stanton spx jsy winning materials bv12 5 dlvd
2004 finite jjsy kellen winslow sr/jr/tony gonzalez triple bv20 8dlvd

adrian peterson topps dp&p black chrome bv24 12dlvd
adrian peterson prestige bv25 12dlvd
jay cutler flerr bgs9.5 bv50 20dlvd
barry sanders topps psa 9 8dlvd

t jackson 2006 spx jsy auto bv40


#1 vince young collector
i like the rice, willis, and gayle sayers..

any interest in this?

adrian peterson topps chrome refractor.

lmk..or check my bucket..thanks!


Bench Warmer
fuser- sorry didnt see anything
harnsfan- like the aikman auto and lynch auto. what are bvs
gordo- small interest in the olsen. whats it numbered to. do you have any other autos. LMK


Bench Warmer
gordo- hester, cutler, brandon marshall, champ bailey, john lynch, urlacher. some hot new rcs or hofers. LMK if ya have any. what bv do you want on the olsen.


Bench Warmer
dont have any of those players. havent opened alot of 07 stuff that would be of interest and as far as hof I havent been lucky enough to pull any so Ill check what I have and lyk.thanks