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On Thursday evening we will be removing all signatures across the site. Don't worry, though! Most of you will be able to add yours back exactly as it is right now. The reason for this is because we have implemented a new set of restrictions for signatures. However, it's not possible to only remove the signatures that don't comply with those new restrictions without having to go through them all 1 by 1. Nobody has the time for that. ;) So, at some point on Thursday evening (after 4pm EST), we'll dump them all.

If you would like to keep your signature exactly how it is (assuming it complies with the following restrictions) I recommend that you copy/paste it into a simple .txt file and save it on your computer somewhere until after the removal. Once removed, you can just copy/paste it from the .txt file back into your profile.

Here are the new signature "rules":

  • Maximum Displayed Characters: 300
  • Maximum Lines: 3
  • Maximum Smiles: 5
  • Maximum Images: 1

  • Disallow: color, font, size
  • Disallow: embedded media
  • Disallow: quote, code, html, php

Just so you know, maximum displayed characters, is how many characters actually show up on the final signature. It does not count the BBCode characters.

The main thing is that you can still put links in your signature (to your bucket, etc) but images will no longer be allowed. Color, font, and font size changes will also no longer be allowed, but you will still be able to use bold, italics, and underlines.
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By the way, just because your signature appears to take up more than 3 lines on your computer, doesn't necessarily mean the system will consider it to be over 3 lines. For example, if you have a single line that is long enough that it wraps around to another line, the system will still only call that 1 line. The only time a new line is counted is if you actually "return" to the next line.

That said, if you're using a smaller resolution it may also appear to you that some members do have more than 3 lines in their signature. Again, the reason is just because a single line is wrapping around and the system won't count that.

Hope this makes sense to everyone.
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All signatures have now been removed and all the new restrictions are in place. You can now add your signatures back as you had them. Well, most of you can. :p
All signatures have now been removed and all the new restrictions are in place. You can now add your signatures back as you had them. Well, most of you can. :p
Bubye Space wasting signatures. (don't let the door hit you on the way out)
Hmmm seems to only allow one link.

I'm not sure what could have prevented it. I checked your permissions and they were set at "unlimited" links allowed. In any case, I was able to edit your signature to add the 2nd link. You might want to remove it, save it, and try to re-add it to see if it still won't let you add it. If it doesn't, we may need to do some troubleshooting to see what's going on.
Ok thanks. It could also have been my work computer, sometimes they block weird things and occasionally the settings for adobe Flash and Java settings are very weird.
Just letting everyone know what we've upped the maximum allowed characters in signatures. We're also now allowing unlimited links in signatures, rather than just 2.
After being harassed by @pudge27t for long enough :D I decided to give another look at the possibility of allowing images be used in signatures, but also not having them distract from the content of the posts. I think we've done that so, effective immediately, members are now permitted to use one (1) image in their signature.

In order to make the images less intrusive they will be slightly transparent, as well as shrunk down in size. The width of the images can be as wide as the container they're in, which means they can be as wide as the signature "block". The height is set to a maximum of 100px on desktop screens, and less than that on smaller resolutions, such as those on mobile devices. So, your image will never appear to be over 100px tall regardless of the screen resolution. The image aspect ratio will also remain unchanged, so if you have an image that is very tall but not very wide (such as a scan of a card) it will appear to be very small once it is resized.

In order to make your signature image also seen, in full, members can hover over the image to bring out the full color as well as click on the image to view it in full size.

Please note: Just because we automatically shrink your signature doesn't mean you should use an insanely large image in your signature. The full image still has to be downloaded, which can take time on slower (such as mobile) connections, effectively causing the site to appear slow to some users. Images that are found to be extremely large will be removed. It is suggested you keep the images to a maximum of 600px wide and 100px tall.

For those of you who do not want to see signatures at all, you can choose to disable those by editing your preferences. Please note that while you won't see a signature if you disable this option, you will still see all the profile links as well as favorite teams.

I hope all of this makes sense, but if not feel free to ask any questions either here or to me, personally, via PM.
Another reason why this site is bad@$$.... Members have a say... Kudos @Mike and the "admin team", I'm sorta new here so if its just one person. My bad. :LOL:
Thanks again for taking my idea into consideration! Really appreciate it!! (y)