New Forum: Ask the Experts


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Today we added a new forum called "Ask the Experts". If you have any questions regarding our hobby, or your collection, please post those questions in that forum. I went ahead and moved a few topics into that forum that I thought would have been posted there had the forum already existed, too.

Also, unregistered members can post their questions in that forum. However, if you are unregistered your post will not be publicly visible until it is approved by a member of the moderator team, so please expect a delay if you are posting as an unregistered, anonymous guest. This is to try to prevent spam in that forum.
I'm not sure. We've never received any emails from them, but we don't allow quoting of "BVs" anyways.
Okay. May I ask why?

To make sure we don't get any emails from Beckett. When I was on the team at TCC I remember Bob stating that they'd received numerous emails from them over copyright violations. While it's obviously not come down to anything serious for them, yet, we'd rather not take any chances here.

That said, it is still acceptable to list what your trade value is, as long as Beckett isn't a quoted source of that value.
Fair enough. I understand you dont not want any needless bad publicity but Beckett is a joke. I'll leave it at that. But back to the original topic... Nice add. ;)