New Baseball Autograph List- AROD!!+ MORE


Bench Warmer
Looking to trade for- Jed Lowrie-ANYTHING, Red Sox autos- esp. Pedroia,Ellsubry,Papelbon ect.. or football autos

2002 Topps T 206 Autograph Alex Rodriguez
2004 Donruss Lumber Autograph Torii Hunter
2005 Donruss Prime Patches Autograph Travis Hafner
2007 Bowmans Best Rc Autos- Michael Bourn, Andrew Miller
2007 Bowmans Best Autograph Miguel Cabrera
2007 Sweet Spot /18 Sergio Mitre
2007 Sweet Spot Autograph David Murphy RC (BoSox Helmet)
2007 Exquisite Autograph Jersey Rc /199 Josh Hamilton
Can you tell me exactly which one it is? According to, the 2005 Prime Patches Autograph books at $15. Is this something different than the base auto? Numbered, gu, patch, etc.
i have no idea what the bv is- thats why i guessed at 25- if u knew it was 15 then its 15. Will only trade for a red sox i need