Need your opinions...



I have decided that I am going to venture into the online business world with my sports cards.

So here's my question. Which route would be better? Opening a website or eBay store?

I have already been selling on eBay for over 6 years now and am getting sick of their fees. It's quite silly. I know for a massive amount of sales a store is better. So if I decide to go eBay, that's the route I will go.

A website is more economical as far as fees and such are concerned, but then I will have to spend a bunch of money advertising and such which will probably get close to off-setting the eBay fees.

I have several jerseys and autographs, but I have a ton of mid-high end RC's and inserts. This would be the majority of my stock. I would also like to list a lot of the cheaper cards I have for set fillers and such.

So what do you think would be the best route?
I don't know a ton about them and it may not be a better route, but Naxcom or Sportlots might be a good alternative to look into as well for lesser fees and not having to re-run sales as much. Just another idea.
Okay. I checked out sportlots and I like what they're doing. There fees are just through the roof. But I do like their listing format. You can list a ton of cards in no time that way.

Does anyone use the Beckett Marketplace? I was thinking about listing cards through there but I never hear of anyone using it.