Need all these HUGE LIST


Bench Warmer
Michael Blunden
Brad Boyes
Chris Campoli
Carlo Colaiacovo
Tim Connolly
Ryan O'Reilly
Justin Hodgman
Nick Palmieri
Ryan O'Marra

Anything of any of them in an Erie Otters uniform. Pro stuff- RCs, AU, and GU, better parallels and inserts. Boyes, basically anything. LMK what you have and what you need.
HI: I found these if interested?
04-05 In The Game Heroes and Prospects - Prospects
#63 Chris Campoli(otters)
05-06 Heroes and Prospects #126 Michael Blunden(otters)
05-06 Parhurst #643 Chris Campoli(isls)Rookie Card
05-06 UD Rookie Class Box Set
#21 Chris Campoli(isls)Rookie
06-07 Fleer Hot Prospects
#10 Brad Boyes(bruins)
I will check for more! But I am looking for Flyer cards from my want list that is located on my giant web site! So check it out!
Thanks "D" Harpoon

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I really just started wanting Otters. Not a huge hockey fan (other than Blackhawks) otherwise. I therefore have no hockey whatsoever to trade.