My PC pickups

ND Zibby

Bench Warmer
I went to a local show here tonight and was able to grab afew things for my PC and 1 nice trade bait card......Sorry I do not own a scanner :roll::roll:.....Here is what I got

PC Stuff:

98 Topps Stars rookie reprint auto Gale Sayers (Super nice card, may send it to BGS )
05 Contenders Cedric Benson auto rc

Trade Bait :

06 Playoff Contenders L.Maroney auto rc BGS 9.5 w/10 auto !!!!!

Let me know if you are interested in the Maroney, Im looking for Benson and other nice Bears autos in exchange.....Thanks, Steve
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Thanks guys......Until next year when everything will be Tommy Z stuff, It's nice to grab this PC stuff....I really like the Sayers card. Just wish I had the extra scratch to pick up the Payton just like it but just shelled out $5700 today for new cabinets for our kitchen. It made the wife happy so thats well worth the $$$$$$ as most of you know !!!!
I plan on keeping the benson in the PC, unless the card goes crazy like my Gore auto rc's did last year.....I made a killing on him and Tomlinson last year...Hope to do the same this year with Maroney and some extra Benson stuff.......Thanks, Steve