My newest pickups from freebies to Ohio


Bench Warmer
Kelly sent me this card the other day! Thank you for it! I love it!

Bought this from Andy

Went up to Ohio to visit my friends to relax after everything and picked this up at the show.

The rest are from random places and some mail.

The salty card from the USA set is a Cap card. Most people on ebay sale it wrong and advertise it as a jersey card. this one is pretty cool cause it has one of those vent holes in it.

Also Cmixer the Drew auto should answer the question about one of your hats you have

Thanks for looking


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love the black refractor and the triple

you should have seen the stop Vizquel just made to save the game againt the Mets in the 9th a few minutes ago.

and let me know if you are willing to trade the Drew auto


Bench Warmer
Awesome mail. Cool triple, Nice USA stuff, especially the Detwiler Reds. And that Jason Hill is crap...where did you get that thing? Send it to me so I can properly dispose of it.:D