Football MWS's Jan Mixed Hobby Break


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Please confirm teams.

Facts you need to know;
Cost: $50 for 1st team and $47 for each additional team after that. Also offer Draft Slots for unclaimed teams at $20 per slot.
Payment Due Date: Jan 26th
There will be a change in the payment format from what Chris has done in the past. I will require payment before boxes are ordered. The Product list will be available 1st week of the month.
Break Date: Feb 1rst or 2nd
Product List: (Based on 21 teams filled + 4 drafted)

Product list
2013 Bowman Sterling Football Hobby Box
2013 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box
2013 Panini Limited Football Hobby Box
2011 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Football Hobby Box
2012 Panini Playbook Football Hobby Box
2011 Panini Limited Football Hobby Box
2012 Topps Five Star Football Hobby Box

Please confirm teams so we can get the group back up and rolling.
Please contact me for Payment Addys
49ers - KPit1978 Paid
Bears - Kpit1978 Draft
Bengals - Vito AKA Isoprene Paid
Bills - Dvashun Paid
Broncos - MWS Paid
Browns - Crpalmi Paid
Buccaneers - Dvashun Paid
Cardinals - Bound for glory Draft
Chargers - MWS3 Paid
Chiefs -
Colts - Cool Hand Flash Paid
Cowboys - AjSquiggy Paid
Dolphins - Gadsden86 Paid
Eagles - Vito AKA Isoprene Paid
Falcons - MWS Draft
Giants - Davesboxbreaks Paid
Jaguars -
Jets - BobKoning
Lions - WYTMKE Paid
Packers - KPit1978 Paid
Panthers - MWS Paid
Patriots - Dvashun Draft
Raiders - Bound for glory Paid
Rams - Kpit Draft
Ravens -
Redskins - Yzerisdaman Paid Jan and Feb
Saints - saintsfan74 Paid
Seahawks - 19thcentury Paid
Steelers - MWS3 Paid
Texans - Bound for glory Draft
Vikings - Crpalmi Paid

Random Draft
Bound for glory
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