More Shauns!!


Bench Warmer
Got a few more Alexanders in...


Shaun Alexander 06 Donruss Gridiron Kings 185/250


Shaun Alexander 06 Gridiron Gear "X" 44/100


Shaun Alexander 07 Donruss Elite Status 3/37


Shaun Alexander 07 Donruss Elite 3-color jersey

Thanks for lookin'! :cheers:
Thanks! Yeah got all of 'em as a lot, not bad for a #/37, a 3 color jer #/99 and two other #/d's for around $10 delivered! He also included an Adrian Peterson basic insert... but I was a doofus and left that at work, so I didn't scan it :doh:

Now if this moron I bought the 2/6 Josh Brown Score will get off his tuchus and send me the dang card....... now THAT will be a supurb 1 card mailday...
Nice mail, even if it is that guy.

LOL I just realized I am holding a grudge vs him for being a fantasy dud.