Monday Night Football Trade Off Mystery Swap Bonus Round....


Bench Warmer
In an effort to boost a few more trades for the trade off, anyone that will trade with me in my mystery swap format and correctly guesses the winner of the Monday Night Football Game will get an extra card added to their take from the trade :)

So.....if you have 2 GU baseball cards that have a combined value of $12 or more and want to trade for 2 Basketball or Football GU cards with the same value, pick the winner of the game before halftime tomorrow night and if you are right, I will add a third football or basketball card to your take from the trade.

The cards being swapped are a mystery, I am not taking any more requests for teams at this point as I am not requesting teams either.

This can be a lot of fun and an easy trade and a bonus for you if you pick the winner of the game correctly :)

So lets get to trading!!!