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So I sold the cards that I pulled from the Topps Tribute box, just to see what I could turn it into and the answer to that is a box of Momentum!!! So hear we go:

Pack 1

Beanie Wells
Jason Witten
Stephen Hill Dual Jersey/ Auto 16/25

Another Russell Wilson!? That one isn't auto'd, and the swatches aren't nearly as nice, but that's definitely a good GU to get if you're going to get one. How did you like this product? I haven't opened any of it, myself, but it looks like I'll get to soon in the football group break.
Very nice looking cards. I really think that it is great product, for the price. I picked up this box for 180 and it has 10 packs with one hit per pack. When you comare that to other similar products, I think it is very fair. As with most products, the hits are hit or miss. Most of the rookie autos are pretty high numbered, but a lot of nice GU cards, such as the Floyd. The other thing that I like about the product is that it is not completely rookie driven, it has some nice veterrans and some nice retired players. I would definately give it a high grade.
They are nice looking cards. The autos are nice for on-sticker by the looks. I like them some people don't like when auto cards have a specific "sticker" area blocked out, but I don't mind them.