Bench Warmer
A few goodies in today.

One for the Beehive set:


ITG Game Used Number Gold version /10:


ITG Prospects Emblems Fall Expo 1/1:


The Cup Cyan press plate for the UD MVP release...but I have a problem with this one. Notice in the upper left corner there is a double image on the plate that shows a Bruins jersey in the background. They claim on the back that this is an actual plate used to print the cards but none of the cards have this error so how could this plate have been used in the process :confused: Perhaps evidence that these press plates are bogus :mad:


and then my 8th SP Authentic auto/patch /100 and a beauty of a patch on it:


Waiting on a couple more good ones :cool:
Nice Carters. It looks to me that allso that CCM logo on his shoulder. Perhaps another plate with ink on it was placed on top after use. Just a theory.
im still use to the old site format so i thought ernie was posting and i was like :eek: what the hell is with the carters...scrolled up and saw it was kelly :salut: