Misc. Rookie cards for trade

Tom R

Bench Warmer
I have the following cards available for trade. Looking for Pens inserts/rookies

Trilogy 06-07
Mark Stuart #104 657/999
Marc Antoine Pouliot #113 752/999
David Liffiton #137 351/999
Bill Thomas #142 868/999
Ben Ondrus #154 417/999

Jarrko Immonen Swatch solid blue

Brad Boyes autographed Script
Nikolai Antropov autographed Script

Upper Deck Rookie threads 06-07

Shane Weber solid white
Marc Edouard Vlasic solid Blue
Shea weber solid black
Yan Stastny solid black
Mark Stuart solid white

UD autographed Enver Lisin

SP Authentic
Josh Gorges autographed Future Watch 319/999
Paul ranger 765/1999
Jaroslav Balastik autographed sign of the times

Mikko Lehtonen 549/1999 solid blue
Shane Obrien 1247/1999 solid white
Patrick Thorosen 1875/1999 2 color blue/white

Marc Edouard vlasc autograhed 621/1299 white/white
Nigel Dawes autographed 526/1299 white/red

Michael Blunden 89/1999
Alex Brooks 53/1999Matt Lashoff 1088/1999

Black Diamond
Shea Weber Quad
Patrick Thorosen three
Keith Yandle three

Hot Prospects
Ryan ready 157/1999
Patrick Eaves autographed 618/999

Jeff Carter mcdonalds Rookie review
Chad Larose rookie Update 1923/1999