Metallikat87 pretty much rocks



Got a surprise package of freebies from Jered today. Wowza...


Ben Troupe/Dunta Robinson 04 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems Dual jersey
Vince Young/Cedric Benson 06 Elite College Ties 132/1000
Steve Largent 05 Donruss Classics Classic Singles 11/1000
Derrick Mason 05 Donruss Classics Stadium Stars188/750


Courtney Roby 05 SP Authentic Scrips for Success auto
Roydell Williams 05 Donruss Classics auto
Travis Lulay 06 Elite RC 98/599
Koren Robinson 04 Playoff Honors Gameday 607/1750
Steve McNair 04 Playoff Honors Gameday 1242/1750
Chris Brown 03 Fleer RC 358/500
Damien Nash 05 Donruss Classics RC 51/1499
Ben Troupe 04 Topps Signature Edition RC 11/499

and honestly my favorite card of the bunch, the Matt Hasselbeck 05 Throwback - the 1977 design. Sweetness.

There were also about 50 other Seahawks, Titans and Mariners inserts, RCS, and base cards. A sweet bunch of stuff, thanks a ton Jered!!!
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