Memphis not looking to sign free agents this summer


Bench Warmer
It is being reported that Memphis is looking to save their cap space until next year. I am sure that the Memphis fans are happy to hear this bit of news.
LEBRON in MEMPHIS lol yea and i think MJ and Kareem are coming back to play with the Sonics.... when they move them to VEGAS ;)

a BIT of sarcasm ;)
yea, we all know that Lebron is going to be the next Brooklyn net player. He won't be traveling anywhere except to a large city.
Great desicion by the Grizz. They will be better off building from the inside out. They have some very good players and now they just need time.
natsfan said:
memphis has the building blocks to be good with deron willas a nd boozer

that would be UTAH.... MEMPHIS is AWFUL lol and I dont think UTAH will let DERON or BOOZER go let alone BOTH of them...