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I just wanted to thank all of you guys who are continually active here. Obviously, without the members there would be no site. So, thank you!

Second, I wanted to point out the fact that we have some of the most generous members I've seen on any forum. While I was packaging up the cards today for the 2 football group breaks, I continually received PMs and read messages in the forums that said "send that hit to X", and "just throw that in X's package". I'm not talking about sub-par hits or base cards either. I'm talking about several autos, a jersey card, numerous rookies, and some inserts.

I guess the point is that TCZ is exactly the kind of site that I envisioned when I started it and what Mark and I wanted when we brought it back to life. I've said it before, and I'll say it again here; I'd rather have a site with 10 great members than a site with 10,000 a-holes.

Thanks again, fellow collectors.
This is exactly the scene that popped into my head..

And... Row* ..I have no clue where my head was at lol
that is awesome hopefully we all can grow our PC collection together.
Oh they'll grow. As long as we all have respect for our fellow members, get excited when they get something for their PCs and look out for each others interests while not on TCZ. Then both TCZ and our respective PC's will grow.